Saturday, March 20, 2010

Prompt for Opinion Essay Revisions

As I've mentioned several times, you have the option to revise one of your previous opinion essays.  You can only revise an essay that you have actually written.  If you chose to skip an essay, you obviously cannot revise it because you have nothing to revise.  Also, you will only be able to revise one of your first four essays because this revision is due before the fifth and final opinion essay.  If you wish to revise, you need to do the following things.
  • Revise your essay, obviously.  Remember that revision is more than fixing a few commas and awkward phrasings.  You should take my comments into account, but revising an essay means more than treating my comments as a checklist.  You should go over your essay and my comments and decide what needs to be done to make the essay better.
  • Describe your revision process to me.  In the email to which you attach your revised essay, you should tell me what you did to revise.  This means saying more than, "I fixed the organization."  It means telling me what you did to make the organization better.  Did you just move things around?  Did you cut one section to make room for a new one?  Tell me what I should see.  I will not grade any revision that arrives without such a description.
  • Email your revision to me by noon on Friday, April 30.  I cannot accept late revisions for any reason because it's already the end of the semester, and things will be tight.
You can turn in this revision at anytime before the deadline. You can only revise one essay, and you can only revise it once, but you can complete the revision now or later.  I recommend bringing your revised draft by my office for us to discuss if you are especially concerned about your grade.  As you revise, keep track of the general guidance I offered here and here.

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