Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Canceled Class on Wednesday, February 10

Well, we ended up with a snow day.  Frankly, I'm kinda happy about it.  Nothing personal, but it was nice to stay home even though the snow didn't start falling until a couple of hours ago.  The good news is that this canceled class does not affect us too much.

I've decided that we'll just skip the film I was going to show today.  I think it's fun and informative, but I have other plans for showing it publicly.  So, the course schedule stands as it is.  We'll start the second unit on Monday as scheduled.  I'll post an Action List after this with instructions.

The one change?  The Opinion Essay One is now not due until noon on Friday, February 19.  Even though I'm going to drop your lowest grade and perhaps allow you to revise one of your essays, I still feel bad having it due when I'm not able to meet with any of you who want to go over drafts in my office.  Therefore, I'm delaying the deadline a week.  If anyone would like to go over drafts in my office next week during office hours, let me know.

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